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I am a Roman Catholic astronomer.

Professionally, I am a faculty member in the Bartol Research Institute at the University of Delaware.

Educational background:

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Research interests: My research centers on studies of the structure of the Sun and other stars, especially as these are influenced by magnetic fields. For more information on my research interests, click here .

A list of my publications in astrophysics can be found here. Copies of my published research papers can be accessed online at the Astrophysical Data Site by entering "Mullan, D." in the Author's box, and then clicking on the "Send Query" button.

As a Catholic, I am interested in supporting the Church in its mission to pass on the faith.

This involves first passing the faith to my own children. My wife Sue and I were married in 1970, and we have 10 children: Wendy, Kathryn, Michael, Margaret, Angela, Elizabeth, John, Peter, Rebecca, and Laura.

In passing on the faith to my children, I found it very helpful to use the Baltimore Catechism (St Joseph's Edition) . Especially helpful is the version which prepares a child for First Confession and First Communion.

As my children reach adulthood, they are being supported in the practice of their Catholic faith by the Regnum Christi movement, who "serve the Church by forming and motivating enterprising lay Catholics to take an active part in the Church's mission: to Love Christ enthusiastically; and to live their Catholic Faith to the full".

Writings which were given to me on Father's Day by my daughters Margaret and Kathryn can be found here and here.

To help in passing on the faith to others outside my family, I obtained a Catechist Certificate from the Notre Dame Institute of Cathechetics in 1993. The Notre Dame Institute has since merged with Christendom College as a theology graduate program .

As a further means of passing on the faith, I have written articles on Catholic topics. These have appeared in the Homiletic and Pastoral Review (HPR) , National Catholic Register (NCR), The Catholic Answer , Liguorian , New Oxford Review (NOR) , Lay Witness (LW) , The Catholic Response (TCR), , First Things blog,

My on-line articles about Catholic topics: